Hi guys! Welcome to my channel, my name is Charlene and I’m here to show you how to find the perfect accessory for your outfit this fall. I’m a really big fan of vintage, so I’ve picked out some classic pieces that will add a touch of history and character to your wardrobe.

First of all, for these pieces, you’ll want to keep your outfit pretty neutral, maybe choose something with a conservative neckline, just to make sure these accessories really pop


Now, this first piece is for those of you wanting something a little on-trend, and as we all know, the early 90s are very “in” right now. Choker necklaces, denim jackets and jelly sandals have all made their way into the limelight again, and sure enough, this piece has made a resurgence as well. This font certainly gives it a youthful energy, creating a real dynamic look sure to bring some sizzling side hugs into your life.


This next piece creates a more sophisticated look, perhaps for a lunch or coffee date with that special someone. This is a real heritage piece that hearkens back to an era when men were men. Nowadays, the “men” are all basically long haired communists and ugh! Man buns? Please. Give me a solid crew cut any day and I’ll just melt.


Now, this accessory is for the real individualist, someone who won’t cede any ground to the status quo – who truly marches to the beat of their own drum. The design is very streamlined, making it a real elegant piece. It pairs well against a plain and simple background – preferably a white outfit. We’ve seen various iterations of this look over the years, but that’s the great thing about fashion – you can put new twists on an old classic and it’ll never go out of style!

So far, we’ve seen at some every day looks, but I bet you’re curious about something that’s a little more workplace appropriate – and, if that’s the case, do I have the accessory for you. This piece just screams “professionalism” and “ high standards” – an homage to good ol’ fashioned decorum, if you will.


For this, we’ll run a segment I like to call Fashion History: Because Men Like Smart Girls Too.

Now, at one point in time, we didn’t let just anybody join the RCMP, much less anybody who wasn’t willing to wear the iconic RCMP uniform. I mean, why anyone would want to mess with such a chic look is beyond me, but you know, some people just have no taste. But the drab masses had their say and now, you know, we’ll let anybody put any old thing on their head and call it a day.

And last, but certainly not least, I’m going to give you some tips to put together your very own evening look that will be sure to turn heads across the country with some of the most in-demand items of the season.




These pieces are perfect for a night out on the town, you know, wine with the ladies, a real girl’s night, just getting together and gabbing, a real Sex and the City vibe, just scandalous conversations, things you only tell your best girls, laughing together, crying together, just generally screaming, really, screaming at the vagrants, you know, why don’t they have jobs? and other things you only share with your besties, things only they know, only them and perhaps your unpaid intern, who heard you sobbing once in your office after hours when she was putting together an ice pack for that bruise you gave her (just a real small bruise, really, I mean, this is a demanding job, did she expect to be coddled?) when you chucked that book across the room, just real uninhibited and liberating conversation, you know, like let’s take this night to the next level, ladies! let’s do some shots, blow up a hospital, and then I think I just really wanna dance, you know???? like a real iconic night, an unforgettable evening that everyone will desperately try to recreate for generations to come, endlessly, because it was the best night anyone ever had in their life.


Okay well thanks for watching this video, I hope you enjoyed it, don’t forget to like, subscribe, and share with your friends because this is the best channel ever okbyyyye!



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